Ethiopia- Dembi Udo (Natural)

Ethiopia- Dembi Udo (Natural)

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Country: Ethiopia 
Region: Guji 
Town: Dambi Udo
Processing: Natural 
Altitude: 1800 – 2100masl
Variety:  74110,74112 & Heirloom
We Taste: Blackberry, Bubble gum, Lime, Black tea 


Embark on a sensory journey to Ethiopia's captivating Guji region, where the enchanting town of Dembi Udo graces us with its exquisite natural coffee. This coffee is a testament to the hard work and innovation of the local community, fueled by the vision of Abiyot, owner of Buno General Trading.

With each sip, prepare to be delighted by a harmonious blend of blackberry, the sweetness of bubble gum, the zesty zing of lime, and the soothing notes of black tea. This coffee is a fusion of flavors for your palate.

Dembi Udo, nestled near Shakiso, is home to a community of small coffee farmers who have only recently ventured into coffee production and harvesting. Abiyot, the driving force behind Buno General Trading, recognized the potential of this region and decided to focus on processing natural Specialty grade coffee. He meticulously selects only the ripest cherries and sun-dries them on expansive 25-meter-long raised beds. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the processing plant, as he has transformed the community's harvesting habits by incentivizing farmers to deliver fully ripe and meticulously sorted cherries with an additional payment of 1 birr per kilogram.

Order your bag of Ethiopia's Dembi Udo Natural Coffee today and experience the taste of this thriving community's hard work and commitment to producing coffee that's truly exceptional.


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