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kenya kirinyaga kabare karani

kenya kirinyaga kabare karani

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If you have expensive taste, this coffee is just for you.

Grown from the nutrient-rich, volcanic soil of Mount Kenya, these are some of the most unique and exquisite coffees in the world. The coffee plant in the Kirinyaga county is so delicious and influential that it has helped shape an economy, a fully-fledged farmers cooperative (Kabare Farmers’ Cooperative Society), and a culture as rich, vibrant, and nuanced as the cup it produces.

We're fortunate enough to taste and purchase one of their offerings this year, given how limited and sought-after their fruit is (sold out in a few days!). These coffees are brought to you by local farmers in Kirinyaga, then brought to the Karani Factory to be processed (de-pulped, fermented, then washed).

It's like a fruit punch – rich and complex, but not overkill. Nothing too tart or unpleasantly acidic, just syrupy and luxurious sweetness. 

Get this super limited Kenya while it still lasts!!


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