Peru- La Naranja (Washed)

Peru- La Naranja (Washed)

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Country: Peru
Region: Cajamarca 
Town: El Diamante , Jaen 
Processing: Washed 
Variety: Caturra

Producer: Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafae
We Taste: Black Cherry, Lime, Cane Sugar, Milk Chocolate


Journey to the remote and captivating coffee-producing region of Cajamarca, Peru, and discover the exceptional flavors of Finca La Naranja. This extraordinary coffee is brought to you by the dedicated hands of second-generation coffee producer, Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael.

Sip into a world of exquisite taste, where notes of black cherry and zesty lime mingle with the sweetness of cane sugar and the velvety richness of milk chocolate. This coffee is a sensory delight, offering a symphony of flavors on your palate.

Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael owns a picturesque 3-hectare plot of land in El Diamante, Jaen, nestled at altitudes ranging from 1600 to 1900 meters above sea level. On this land, he cultivates a harmonious blend of bourbon, caturra, and catuai coffee varieties. The care and precision he puts into his coffee are a testament to his commitment to quality.

Elvis and his family work in unison to nurture their coffee from planting to processing and drying. They also share their facilities to ensure the highest standards are met. Over the years, Elvis has dedicated himself to improving the quality of his coffee, experimenting with pre-fermentation and various fermentation methods. His dedication to excellence is evident in his participation in the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition, where he has consistently ranked among the top contenders.

El Diamante, located in proximity to the city of Jaen, boasts rich, protected forests that house a diverse array of native flora and fauna. This natural sanctuary also serves as a crucial water source for the city. The lush surroundings and stable soils create an ideal environment for growing coffee. The coffees from this region are celebrated for their distinct cup profile, characterized by a profusion of fruity notes and a pronounced acidity.


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