Rwanda Coko Kula

Rwanda Coko Kula

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Rwanda Coko Kula has returned!

This light roast that many of us already know and love has returned with the cooperative’s latest harvest. This is our 4th harvest and it is tasting as good as ever. We like to refer to this particular coffee as a “Stepping Stone” coffee that is an approachable single origin coffee for someone who wants to try something a little different, but not overwhelm themselves with intense fruity notes if that’s something they are not used too.

Look for heavy sweetness in this cup with lots of malt, brown sugar, honey and a touch of vanilla. In addition we taste lighter notes of sweet tea, lemon, and dark fruit.

We are happy to be continuously working with the Kula project whose approach to aiding farmers in Rwanda is through a 15 month business fellowship that provides industry training, business investment, and life and leadership skills. You can visit their website for more information here