Take-Out Drink Menu

Please place a phone order by calling (510) 450-0505. Orders will be ready for pick-up at our Claremont location between 5-15 minutes after order is placed.

All drink orders will be charged an additional 15% tip to support our baristas and minimize cash handling.

Brewed Coffee

12oz: $3.00
16oz: $3.50
96oz travel carrier: $30.00

Dark Roast: Claremont Blend

Light Roast: Rwanda Coko Kula

Espresso Drinks

We pull a double-shot for all espresso drinks (1.5-2.5oz) and whole milk, unless otherwise specified. Decaf available. 

Single-Origin available for all espresso drinks for an additional $1.00.

Milk Alternatives (+$0.50): Oat Milk, Almond Milk

Espresso*: $3.00
A small but mighty coffee drink brewed with finely-ground coffee, hot water, and pressure. 

Americano*: $3.00
Espresso over hot water. 12oz drink in total. Iced available +$0.50.

Macchiato: $3.75
Espresso topped with a dollop of foam.

Cortado: $4.00
Espresso with roughly-equal parts steamed milk. 4-5oz drink in total.

Cappuccino: $4.25
Espresso with steamed milk and foam. 8oz drink in total.

Flat White: $4.25
Espresso with steamed milk and minimal foam (wet cappuccino). 8oz drink in total.

Latte*: $4.50
Espresso with steamed milk and minimal foam. 12oz drink in total.

Mocha*: $4.75
Espresso with steamed milk and 1-2oz of ghirardelli chocolate. 12oz drink in total.

Red Eye: $3.25
Brewed hot coffee with espresso.

*Available Iced.

Other Drinks

Au Lait: $3.25
Brewed hot coffee with steamed milk.

Hot Tea: $3.00
Black Mango, English Breakfast, Rose Gray, Jasmine, Cloud Mist, Moroccan Mint, Herbal Chai, Lemon Ginger, Rest Well

Lemonade: $3.75

Iced Tea: $3.50
Black Mango, Moroccan Mint

Arnold Palmer: $4.00

Cold Brew: $4.50

Iced Vietnamese Coffee: $4.00

Steamed Milk: $2.25