Coffee and Waffles; a Love Affair. Or, Coffles.

"...Why?" he quaked, folding in his syrup puddle. This couldn't be real. How could she leave him? 

Wisps of steam rose calm and sultry from her cup, "There's nothing I can do." 

What a foolish thing to say. Of course there was something she could do. She could stay. 

Join us at Souvenir this Saturday the 13th, from nine to one, for the reunion of two of the greatest things we as human beings get to put in our bodies: coffee and waffles. 

And not just any waffles, mind you, but Liége waffles from Lamia Cuisine Baking. Lamia operates out of San Francisco, and they make everything from scratch. 

A quick lesson on that sweet, sweet, battery and buttery awesomeness: Liége waffles are believed to have been invented by a nameless hero working for the prince-bishop of Liége. We can only assume that after this accomplishment he retired with honors into obscurity, only to return from the shadows -indignant and ready to defend his title- at the advent of the pancake. Belgian waffles are usually prepared with lighter batter, they have larger squares and deeper pockets, and are generally a breakfast food. And they are very topping friendly.

We'll have whipped cream, berries galore, walnuts, baked cinnamon apples, REGular baked apples, jam, and the list goes on. Pair our round and fruit-forward Sumatra with blueberries or jam, or our chocolately Rwandan with whipped cream. The sweet and nutty notes in the espresso roast are dying to sidle up beside a waffle, walnuts and syrup. 

Whatever your preference, it'll be delicious. So come in for some coffles. We'll be here! 




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