About Us

What does 'great coffee' mean to you? For us at Souvenir, great coffee means three things: community, quality, and care. We craft premium, small batch roasted coffee for people who enjoy taking a moment with a cup.

We focus exclusively on the best brewed coffee for the everyday coffee drinker, and proudly provide a conscientious, low-waste and green product. All of us here promote social and community involvement through support of local art and music and media. 

We see community as an eagerness to engage those around us, and to make positive change in the lives of those with whom we come into contact. Many of us have met new opportunities, our friends, and even partners through coffee, and we look forward to getting to know you too. Our motto at Souvenir is People first, then coffee.

We sponsor local musicians in public spaces and encourage social interaction mixing technology and world cafe culture. We help keep our community together by paying genuine living wages, hiring locally and diversely and giving away coffee to local food banks and charitable organizations. Take a moment to meet our staff below, or even better, stop in!

Jeremy Bled

Our fearless leader Jeremy Bled! Rwanda is his favorite coffee roast, it has all of the fruit and tang of a light roast, plus great body and some funk! It is exactly what he needs to get through that 3 o’clock slump. A fun fact about Jeremy is that he wrote a comedy section for his college newspaper. His column delved into the conspiracies behind dorm food and its place in society. Maybe the next Pulitzer prize winner?

Dewaine Torregroza

After spending seven years working in technology, Dewayne was bitten by the coffee bug. Trained by Counter Culture Coffee, and having worked with Ritual Coffee Roasters, he is a passionate barista. Coffee encompasses all of his personal intricacies; service to others, artistic expression, storytelling, and most importantly, community building. 

 Mark Acosta

About a year ago, Mark began his coffee journey. He decided to put aside his passion for nutrition and focus on one kind of fruit: coffee. His decision to change careers was a tough decision, but the journey along the way has been a rewarding one. In his time working in the coffee industry, he managed an office coffee bar for Salesforce HQ. He developed a strong interest in educating people about coffee and sharing his experiences. One thing he values about Souvenir Coffee is their motto, “People first, then coffee.” When he is not brewing coffee, he enjoys training Jiu-Jitsu at Ralph Gracie Berkeley under Eduardo Fraga.

Rachel Bowling

Rachel moved to The Bay from Ohio almost two years ago, and found herself right at home. She's been working with coffee on and off for over five years, and when she's not experimenting with pour overs can be found reading, writing, or hiking with her insanely awesome dog, Sookie. 

Omar Kassed 

Morocco, Brooklyn, and Paris are just a few of the places Omar called home before settling here with us in The East Bay. He was first introduced to coffee by his uncle, who owned a restaurant. Back then he was a latte artist, and Omar was mentored by him. His passion for coffee has only grown since. When he's not guzzling caffeine, Omar spends his time buying and trading cars, doing burnouts and worrying about driving in the rain. He's always eager to learn more about new and different brew methods, origins, and roasting techniques to bring out the personality of every cup, and his favorite coffee is Ethiopian Hambela.