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compassion drive – Miles Armstead

"com paseo means to suffer together" Lately, we've been up at night thinking about what it means to be community. We are a mere part of a much larger body of coffee growers, roasters, movers and shakers – and this pandemic has only highlighted that fact more. When one part of that body is hurting, we all hurt. When one part of the body hurts, it is our duty to heal. Earlier this month, we lost our friend Miles to a senseless act of violence. He was a warm, kind, funny father, husband and friend.  What almost no one knows is that Miles, as a banker at Fremont Bank, almost single-handedly helped stabilize our company finances when we were in the greatest...

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"unprecedented" – our response to COVID-19

… "We are living in truly unprecedented times." With something so vast and unknown, it is hard to know what to feel. Some reach for fear, others reach for mistrust and paranoia. Self-preservation. Some reach for toilet paper. Many small business have already felt the harsh financial and emotional toll of the COVID-19 outbreak, oftentimes threatening permanent closure and letting employees go, out of necessity. We are in uncharted territories. As a coffee business, we've never weathered such storms before. In spite of this, we still believe we have a choice on how to respond to things, rather than react from emotion. We still have this freedom, and we intend to do good with it. In this tumultuous and unpredictable time, Souvenir Coffee wants...

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How to Talk to Your Loved Ones about Coffee

  So here you sit, delicately prepared cortado with a single origin espresso huddled between your attentive hands, and you wonder, "How can I possibly express to those I love most...that I love coffee more than them?"* Let this be your comprehensive guide to communicating your societally acceptable addiction, your map for mitigating the mindless march through 'acceptable' coffees and lackluster espressos.  First of all: Don't start with words like 'macchiato' or 'chemex,' as the loved one sitting opposite you may balk at the esoteric complexity. This is ok, don't be discouraged. Have caffeinated faith that they'll get there. You are, after all, an excellent and patient guide.  Initially it may be hard to find that integral common ground. Start by asking...

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Cupping Cupping Cupping

First, gather yourself a collection of cups. I'd like to mention that it's important to remember throughout the process that, like most things in life, much of this is subjective.

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