compassion drive – Miles Armstead

"com paseo means to suffer together"

Lately, we've been up at night thinking about what it means to be community. We are a mere part of a much larger body of coffee growers, roasters, movers and shakers – and this pandemic has only highlighted that fact more. When one part of that body is hurting, we all hurt. When one part of the body hurts, it is our duty to heal.

Earlier this month, we lost our friend Miles to a senseless act of violence. He was a warm, kind, funny father, husband and friend.  What almost no one knows is that Miles, as a banker at Fremont Bank, almost single-handedly helped stabilize our company finances when we were in the greatest need.  To honor him and his legacy, we will donate $1 from every cup of coffee sold to his family's charitable fund for the next month.

Please join us in grieving and supporting our community today.


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